12 Ways To De-Stress

I know I’ve been slacking lately on my Friday posts and I hope you guys can forgive me. I have been super stressed and swamped with my school work that I forget that I have to bring my best for you all to read.

Since I have been experiencing so much stress the past couple weeks, I have caught myself falling into bad habits (like over eating) and at first I wasn’t even aware that I was falling into that but the better I cope with my stress, the better I am feeling.

So, in that same spirit, I wanted to bring you guys ways that I like to de-stress that hopefully bring you guys some peace. I know everyone handles things differently and I am in no way a professional but I just want to share what works for me and hopefully may work for you as well.

1. 10 minute unplug/meditation: We are all so attached to our phones and computers that taking 10 minutes to just be is enough to give your mind a quick reset. Especially since my lectures are online, this is a must for me to stay above water.

2. Stretching: Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying all the stress and tension of the week on my back lol. Stretching gets my body moving and helps ease that tension.

3. Taking a walk: Fresh air is so important. Going out for a quick 25 minute walk will let you clear your mind before you have to return to your work/school/project.

4. Drinking water when I have the urge to keep grabbing snacks: This is a big one for me. When I get too stressed I tend to stress-eat. Snack after snack helps keep my brain from falling off the hinges but I know that once I’m done I’ll feel crumby. Lately, I’ve been trying to stay hydrated so that my body feels good and so whenever I feel the urge to stress-eat, I’ll grab a glass of water and if the urge continues, I grab a fruit. Keeps me hydrated and keeps me from mindlessly eating.

5. Reading: Falling into a good book helps escape the worries of your own life. I haven’t been able to do this one as much lately but plan on reading a ton while on break.

6. Listening to a fun podcast: I love love listening to podcasts! Their are so many great podcasts out there, some that are funny, scary, mysterious; I’m obsessed.

7. Putting hot compress on my shoulders/neck/back: This is great to relieve tension. Putting heat on your shoulders helps relax your muscles and in return you get a few minutes to close your eyes and relax as well.

8. Light a candle: I don’t know if this is the same for you but, when I light a candle it’s so relaxing. I feel like i’m in a spa lol. It definitely helps change the ambiance of my space.

9. Talk to a friend/family member: If your escape of stress is with other people then this is the one for you. Sometimes talking to a friend or family member just to catch up for a bit is the perfect way to get your mind off of things.

10. Go on rainymood.com: This right here is my holy grail. I’ve been using this site for years, it helped me through college during finals week and I even have it going right now. You won’t regret this one, give it a try.

11. Organize bedroom: When i’m going through something emotionally this really helps. Something about getting my room organized brings me peace. Sometimes when my room is cluttered my mind ends up feeling cluttered as well.

12. Drink a glass of tea: & ending with my favorite. Tea. Something about its warmth helps me unwind after a long day.

Thank you for reading through this and I hope these things can help you as much as they help me. Sometimes its just a stressful day or even a stressful week. Try these things out and it’ll bring you back to your center, I promise.

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