A Peek Inside My House: Christmas Decorations + Favorite Ornaments

THREE more days until Christmas!!

So for this year, my family’s house didn’t get as decorated as it typically does. Only twoish rooms ended up getting decorated. I was supposed to try decorating my room, but I just ended up not doing it at all. I cannot wait until I have my own home so I can decorate it how I would like. My mom and I’s taste is very different.

The den in my house is where the main tree is located. This years theme was red and white. In October or early November, my sister and I had bought some ornaments from Hobby Lobby since we were unsure if stores would close down again. Some of the other ornaments are from Target and Michael’s. We had a few red and white ornaments from last year, but not enough to fill the tree out. I still think the tree needs a few more ornaments just to fill out some of the empty spaces, but I have no complaints. We also have lights around the tv stand and a small table.

We also went with red wrapping paper to go with the theme as well.

Up from the den, our banisters have garland around them. One of the banisters has all of our stockings hung from it.

The living room has a small three foot tree that has some animals and random wooden ornaments on it. It originally started off as a woodland theme, and I’m not sure what the theme ended up turning into. The ornaments are from Pier 1, Cracker Barrel, an Alpaca Farm, and Target.

The table in the living room has small white houses, mini trees, and lights on it. The houses are from Target, trees are from Hobby Lobby and Target, deers are from Hobby Lobby and Cracker Barrel, and the string battery operated lights are from Target.

We also have string lights in our dining room, with mini trees, a snowman candy jar, and some advent calendars, but I didn’t think it was aesthetically pleasing.

My top favorite ornament is the one I have of Snuggles’ paw prints. I also love the way his paw prints shine through from the light. Next up is the alpaca ornament that I got when my sister and I went to visit an alpaca farm. It was such a fun experience getting to go and learn more about them and being able to pet them. The ornament is made from their wool. Third is the white heart. I bought it from Cracker Barrel and I love how simple it is. I’ve always had a thing for hearts, and I like how it’s made out of wood. Fourth is the snowflake. I love the snow and I picked this up from Target. This year they brought out a different version from last years one, but I love how soft it is. Seeing snow just also puts a smile on my face. Last is this wooden tree ornament from Cracker Barrel. It’s made out of wood and the tree on it just reminds me of Canada. I absolutely love Canada, and it holds a special place in my heart. Some of my other favorite ornaments, are family ornaments and keepsake ornaments that didn’t make it to the tree this year. I would love to get a pencil tree next year to put those ornaments on it.

What are some of your favorite ornaments?

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