A Peek Inside My Home: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas Eve! I’m hoping you guys are all having a happy, healthy Christmas with your families. I know you guys had a chance to peek inside Arianna’s home so, I figured I would bring you the inside of mine. We didn’t go as crazy as last year but we tried to bring the festive spirit into our home.

Our tree this year is special because my dad decorated it and he never does lol. He wanted to do a red and gold theme and I think he did a pretty good job. Thoughts?

My mom is crazy about nutcrackers so it would be a given that we would have a whole set of them. We have nutcrackers everywhere lol and they really shine in the dining room. Plus this snow-family we just got really bring the Christmas vibe.

We have a lot of very pretty decor on the side tables and this set is one of my favorites.

Our big window nook also gets a lot of love and I wish we would of thought to change the curtains as well but there’s always next year lol.

This is a little side view of my living room. We have garland on the staircase and usually we put lights on them but this year we went without. From here you can also see the 2 larger nutcrackers that are on both sides of the window.

Heres a close up of the shelving by the window.

Now my bedroom has twinkling lights all around and my book shelf (pictured below) has been decorated with garland and twinkle lights. I also added a new friend, whose hat is a bit smushed but cute nonetheless.

And finally, we all have wreaths on our bedroom doors and this year my decor was kind of all over the place but I really like it.

I know this was brief but, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my home for the holidays. Again, stay safe and healthy and I hope you can all share a bit of joy with those you love even if it has to be virtual.

Happy Holidays!

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